Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebrities With Peanut Allergies

I was curious to see if there were any famous people with peanut allergies, so I decided to Google it. Turns out there are...
  • Joshua Jackson (OK, he's allergic to tree nuts, not peanuts, but close enough)
  • Serena Williams
  • Ray Romano
  • Alex Kapranos (from Franz Ferdinand)
  • Kelis
  • Robert Kennedy Jr's son, Conor
  • Tom Poti (NHL player)
  • Clay Aiken (tree nuts, not peanuts)


  1. Thank you for posting and creating a blog like this. Recently my husband and i found out that our son, who is just over a year old, has a severe peanut allergy.
    I know there's worse things a parent could here, but still finding out this news definately started a roller coaster of emotions as we never feel completely safe, unless we're at home where we make everything from scratch now.

    1. I know exactly what do you mean by saying roller coaster of emotions. Last August we found our 5 year old son is allergic to all kind of nuts, not only peanuts, he was fine up to then and had only mild reaction to hazelnuts, which stopped after giving him just tablets, but now he needs to carry epipen everywhere he goes. It is very scary, I actually couldn't sleep because of this again that night. I can't imagine how could this happen to us. You are right, worst things could happen, but this is absolute tragedy for me as a mother. I am Polish and we are going back Poland soon but I know people are not that much aware of the problem as they are in here. I am getting paranoid over his allergy. Let's just hope everything will be ok and they will start treating it just as they did in Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

  2. We are parents to or 1 year old daughter Charlotte. We found out by a trip by ambulance a few weeks before her 1st birthday that she was allergic to peanuts. She did not eat any just came into contact with the smallest amount of peanut butter on her skin which she reacted to very badly. We have not undergone any testing yet because her appointment with an allergy specialist is not until 30th November so we have just been left to really just get on with it ourselves in the meantime and we are beginning to realise it is not easy!
    I have found it particularly hard searching for foods that are nut free & as for eating out I have not found anywhere that promotes a nut free ethos.

    Is there anyone out there who has been living with the same problem who has find was to come with it any easier or who has some tips please? I just can not believe how little is out there to tap into when it can be life threatening!

    We really need a big celebrity face out the promoting more awareness for nut allergy sufferers.

    Thanks for listening
    Clare from the UK x x x

  3. If you have a peanut allergy (and not tree nuts), there is an almond butter made in a peanut free / almond only facility..Its called Barney Butter.. Available at all whole foods and from their website Its is different from the other almond butters, as it looks and has the texture of peanut butter, not oily and gritty.. give it a try, you will never miss peanut butter again.

  4. Hi Clare,
    I am 22 and just recently (past three years) developed a severe nut allergy (dont ask me how, but it happened!) Similiar situation I can into contact with traces of nuts and went to the hospital by ambulance in full anaphylaxis. A lot of restaurants will be very good about accommodating nut allergies, I would give name suggestions however I am from Canada so would not help much. The grocery buying gets easier as time goes on and once you get the allergy test (make sure they do the bloodwork) it will help as well. My main advice is that if you arent 100% completely sure about something, dont risk feeding it to your daughter. This is the rule I live by and I have been fairly safe. There are a few websites that offer nut free food for adults, however since I was diagnosed as an adult I am unaware of any baby food that is nut free, however it would not surprise me if there are. Most governments in well developed countries have resources for nut allergy suffers google "nut allergy uk" Check out
    Best of luck to you!

  5. I have had a peanut allergy all of my life and have never had to use my epipen or go to the hospital. I have found that no matter what, you always have to ask if food is okay, even in resturaunts that you have been to time and time again because recipes and cooking areas change. If there is any chance of cross contamination, just say no and try something else. It's just too risky. As for resturaunts where I can eat, Chilis is safe, most fast food resturaunts are safe (not KFC though, they cook in peanut oil), cheeseburger in paradise is safe, most pizza is safe, and beyond that you will just have to ask the waiter to check with the chef for you. When buying food at the store, you must always check ingredients every time becuse, like in resturaunts, location, machinary, and recipes can change. Here is a tip for those in the IS: At the end of the list of ingredients, it is required by law that there be allergy warnings. it will say something along the lines of this, "Allergen information: may contain traces of/contains wheat, egg, soy, and milk ingredients"
    Hope this helps!!

  6. Hi there,

    Please, please check out the Freddy the Mouse education books for children aged 2-6 years.

    I am a mother of a three year old severely allergic daughter, and wrote these books when our world was plunged into the frightening early days of a new allergy diagnosis, two years ago. I have just launched them this year.

    My sincerest wish is that all families affected in this way can be helped, comforted, and educated in a gentle and child-friendly way - Freddy the Mouse offers exactly that.

    With the very warmest of wishes from the depths of my heart,

    Josie Warburton

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